Grilled Chicken Protein Prep

Welcome to our delicious and nutritious grilled chicken meal prep plan! With a focus on high protein and macro-friendly recipes, this plan is designed to make your weeknight dinners both easy and flavorful. By batch-prepping grilled chicken at the start of the week, you’ll save time and ensure you have a versatile protein ready to … Read more

Chicken Breast Protein Prep 1

Welcome to our batch-prepped protein recipe collection, this week we’re showcasing chicken breast! These recipes are crafted to make your meal prep easier while ensuring you have delicious, protein-rich options throughout the week. Enjoy the savory flavors of a Chicken Pesto Orzo Bake, the hearty goodness of Chicken & Veggie Enchiladas, and the fresh taste … Read more

Ground Turkey Taco Protein Prep

Welcome to our batch-prepped protein recipe collection featuring versatile ground turkey taco meat! Whether you’re aiming to simplify your meal prep routine or add more protein-packed meals to your weekly menu, these recipes are designed to be both delicious and easy to customize. From Spicy Chipotle Lime Tacos bursting with zesty flavors, to comforting High-Protein … Read more

1:3 Protein Prep Method

1 Protein, 3 Entrees Cut down on time, costs and dinner ideas. Reach protein goals easier than ever with the 1:3 Protein Prep Method. Scroll down to see each Protein Category, and then choose which meal prep to create for the week. Ground Beef Ground Turkey Ground Chicken Chicken Breast Pork Coming soon… Seafood Coming … Read more

Ground Beef Protein Prep 1

One batch-prepped protein source, three macro-friendly recipes to enjoy! This Ground Beef Protein Prep includes instructions for batch-prepping ground beef so that you can create the following entrees with it throughout the week: Get ready to make your meals super simple this week! Want the printable PDF download? Use this link! Protein Meal Prep Instructions … Read more